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Introducing the Black Rhino Voll. Crafted with precision using Flow Formed Technology, the Voll offers exceptional strength with a lightweight construction, enhancing your vehicle's overall performance.


The Voll is as versatile as it is stylish, fitting a wide range of applications from 6-lug trucks to high offset fitments and crossovers. Its rally-inspired multi-spoke design adds a touch of motorsport personality and boasts compound curve spoke ends for increased strength and a sand and dirt-shedding lip profile, ensuring durability even in rugged terrain.


The Voll features motorsport-style branding on the wheel face, a recessed and stepped hub bowl, and webbed windows for maximum durability. Its deep groove lip adds a bold and distinctive look. Choose from three distinct finishes to fit your off-road rig’s aesthetic.

Voll - Matte Black

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