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Introducing Black Rhino Predator

Predator is a sleek new mesh you did not see coming. It’s a blend of the newest off road wheel style and aesthetic for Black Rhino packaged into dramatic size fitments that are aggressively wide. The Predators eight split spokes sneak up on you to assemble together in a radially engaging center that screams both performance and ruggedness. Each of the windows are finely recessed in the design with precision, giving Predator unique dimensionality to its face and compliments the wide barrel dish. To cover the full range of stock and lifted off highway vehicles, Predator off road rims are available in aggressive 20x12, 22x12, and 24x14 wide sizes. Offsets range from -76mm to -44mm and five, six and 8-lug bolt patterns, including a 8/180 pattern for newer GMC and Chevrolet trucks. These truck rims sport huge lips to provide safe bead seating for oversized tires. Predator truck wheels are featured in five new finishes as innovative as the wheel design itself, including gloss gunmetal with a bright machined face, matte black, matte black with a bright machined face, matte black with a dark tint machined face and gloss black with a machined bright machined face.

Predator - Gloss Black with Milled Windows

    20x12 5x127 -44
    20x12 6x139 -44


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